Comprehensive Marketing for Small & Medium-Sized Health, Beauty, Fitness, and Wellness Businesses

The Most Innovative Marketing Program in the Industry
Save money  —  Save time  —  Increase revenues

The Most Innovative Marketing Program in the Industry

Save Money

Save Time

Increase Revenues

Hey, Local Business Owners!

Don’t you wish you had the time and expertise to handle all the marketing you know you need in a low-cost way that assures you get results?

Well, now you’ve got it — The Project: You marketing package!

Project: You is a comprehensive marketing package — specifically tailored to you — so you only choose what your business needs. And more importantly, you benefit from the exposure your business needs at a price you can afford, while you get your time… and your life… back!

Project: You is hyperlocal (targeting customers interested in your type of business in the geographical area where your business is located) and hyperfocused on the health, beauty, fitness, and wellness consumer. Why advertise elsewhere, where you’ll be paying to reach people who either aren’t looking for your category of product specifically or who live outside of the geographic area who most often frequents your business (e.g. do you really want to pay to reach people in West Memphis, if your hair salon is located in Lakeland?!?)

Don’t waste 95% of your advertising dollar on marketing you don’t want or need, when you can make every dollar count with Project: You?

Plus, when you sign up for Project: You, you get Category Exclusivity (e.g. if you register for the “Botox and Fillers” category in your area, you will be the only business advertising that service in Project: You–you own the category!). It is insane to spend your precious marketing dollars in other venues where your competitors are advertising on the opposite page!

You’re too wise and savvy to do things the old way… it’s time to try the new method of efficient, results-driven marketing with Project: You!

“This is amazing!  You guys are offering something no one else has ever done in marketing and advertising and have made it easy for even the smallest to largest of businesses!”

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