Country Gardens Gives Love Languages a New Meaning
By Kat Eftink When you think of love languages, you probably think about the five different ways we express or give love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and...
Elevate Your Memphis Staycation with a Gourmet Grazing Experience
By Kat Eftink Forget the frantic packing, the airport hassles, and sky-high flight prices. Imagine evenings filled with delicious indulgence, stress-free relaxation, and the chance to explore the...
Dream of Beaches? Escape to Reality at Bow Tie Massage
By Kat Eftink The morning sun reflects through the window painting your room a peachy orange glow. The gentle lulls of crashing ocean waves guide you into a deep sense of relaxation. You lay on your...

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