By Kat Eftink

Actively focus and relax your shoulders. Relax your back. Knees. Toes. You probably didn’t realize how tense you were until you concentrated on loosening each body part individually. 

We typically recognize stress first in our minds. It reveals itself in our frustrations, but your mind and body are one, and stress affects your body too. It’s just more difficult to recognize. 

To actually free yourself from stress, you must find a balance between your body and mind. And what’s a better way to discover symmetry than a massage from Bow Tie Massage? 

Christina Mobley, the owner of Bow Tie Massage, opened her spa because she believes everyone deserves to be pampered and have relief from their stresses. She said that a lot of people hold stress in their shoulders, lower back, and hips. Those are the areas they typically focus on during massages, but if you have anywhere specific that needs extra attention, they’ll concentrate on those spots. 

“At Bow Tie Massage, we do the body from head to toe.”

When Christina said this, she was not speaking figuratively. There are 8 muscles in your scalp that help hold up the neck, so they’ll massage your scalp. Glutes hold tension that affects all other muscle groups in your body, so they’ll massage your glutes They’ll massage your hands. Your feet. Everything.

“We will even pull hair if you like,” Christina said. “A lot of women like their hair pulled because it releases endorphins, gives you a happy feeling, and relieves stress.”

The most important thing at Bow Tie Massage is for you to be soothed, to be refreshed, and to feel classy. 

“When you see a Bow Tie, you automatically think of class,” she said.

To schedule your luxurious massage getaway at Bow Tie Massage call (901) 337-1140, or visit them at 8050 Dexter Rd, Cordova, TN 38016 today! To learn more about Bow Tie Massage read the current edition of Project: You Magazine!

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