Stem cell therapy, like many new technologies and treatments, can seem daunting and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! We are here to teach you everything you need to know about stem cells and stem cell therapy. Learn about the history, research, and benefits of stem cells (plus the best place in Memphis to find them) below!

What are Stem Cells? 
Stem cells are cells that can develop into other cell types. They are incredibly versatile and can treat many different ailments. There are two main forms of stem cells, embryonic and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells come from unused embryos from an in-vitro fertilization procedure. New Life Medical Center, which offers the only Memphis area FDA-approved stem cell therapy, use embryonic stem cells for their stem cell therapy. New Life uses embryonic stem cells because they have more potential than adult stem cells.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?
The fantastic thing about stem cells is their incredible potential for pain management and therapeutic needs. Stem cells work by encouraging damaged tissues to repair themselves by transforming into the necessary tissue. New research about stem cells is happening daily, and the FDA requires that any stem cell products be licensed and approved. According to Dr. Duc M. Hoang, the head of the Department of Research and Development, Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology, “Cell-based therapy, especially stem cells, provides new hope for patients suffering from incurable diseases where treatment approaches focus on management of the disease not treat it.”

Here’s how the therapy actually takes place! First, the stem cells are extracted by temporarily removing your blood. The stem cells are separated from your blood, and your blood is returned to you. Then, the extracted cells are placed in a centrifuge, and the valuable substances of the cells are concentrated into an injectable substance. Finally, this substance is administered directly into a vein where the ailment or disease is located.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Treatment of Orthopedic Conditions
Stem cells can help reduce the discomfort and pain caused by orthopedic conditions like spine injuries, joint pain, or hip pain. The cells can become the necessary materials to heal the conditions and provide relief.

Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases
Research has shown that adult bone marrow stem cells can become the necessary cells to repair blood vessels and the heart.

Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases
There is still much research to complete on stem cells and neurodegenerative diseases; however, current research has shown positive treatments for these diseases.

Fast Treatment and Recovery
Stem cell therapy is quick and easy to administer; far faster than surgery. Surgery can often mean hours in an operating room, sometimes under anesthesia. Anesthesia can make a person feel nauseous and fatigued after waking up. Stem cell therapy skips surgery and anesthesia in favor of a short doctor visit that provides swift healing time.

Cost Savings
Currently, stem cell therapy is not typically covered by insurance; however, overall, it costs less and is more cost-effective than surgery or other treatments.

Stem Cell Therapy is still new, and research is still being conducted, but there have been promising results! Looking for an easier and cheaper way to deal with your pain? Look no further than stem cell therapy. Call New Life Medical Center today for the only FDA-approved embryonic stem cell therapy provider in Memphis at (901)213-0100 or visit their website.

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