Sleep; the part of the day you don’t have time for, but can’t live without it. Our society revolves around making a living and working endlessly in order to live “The American Dream.” Unfortunately, this means neglecting other parts of your life to make room for all the work.

So, here are five ways to ensure you get to bed on time.

Develop an Evening Routine 
An evening routine is the most essential step in getting good sleep. There are many things you can do during your routine, like taking a shower or bath, reading, listening to calming music or meditation. Start your routine at the same time every night and do your activities in the same order to get your mind and body accustomed to the routine.

Reserve the Bedroom for Sleeping 
Leave all electronics in a different room, the blue light from electronics can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime and make it harder for you to fall asleep. Your bed should be clear of clutter and you should only spend time on it when you are planning on sleeping.

Make It Harder to Work at Home
For many people, work doesn’t stop even if they are at home. This can be extremely detrimental to having a routine sleep schedule because you can’t put down your work. Put your work email and apps to Do Not Disturb or even consider deleting them off of your personal electronics like your phone and home computer.

Stop Drinking Coffee at Least Six Hours Before Sleeping
Caffeine keeps you awake, that’s why people drink it throughout the day. So, obviously, the closer you drink coffee to bedtime, the harder it will be to go to sleep. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests refraining from drinking coffee six hours before bedtime.

Practice Meditation and Yoga
According to the Sleep Foundation, regular meditation and a daily yoga routine can improve your sleep quality. These sessions do not have to be long or intense but taking the time to relax will benefit you. YouTube offers many guided yoga and meditation practices.

Sleep is important for you to function, if you skip sleeping or don’t sleep enough, it can have adverse effects on your mental and physical wellbeing. Take these five steps and ensure that you get a better night’s sleep. Consult your local somnologist today for more help.

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